Herbology Classes

Classes in Herbology (herbalism) in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, are offered through The Human Path.  These classes start with a course called, “The Herbal Medic 1:  Fundamentals.”
The purpose of The Herbal Medic 1 course is to present, in about 70 class hours, an extremely practical and usable amount of information for anyone walking in off the street.  This student, after completing this course of study in herbal medicine, should feel very comfortable in using herbs for him/herself and family or loved ones.  During this 70 hour course, we cover:
  • Preparations:  Tinctures, salves, oils, liniments, cough syrups, tooth sticks, poultices, encapsulation, powders, plasters, steam inhalations, teas, decoctions, etc.  All preparations include hands-on teaching and all students take home some very potent medicine from these classes.
  • Materia medica:  Around 80 total plants, with about 30 of them being local plants we identify and sometimes use from the local area.
  • Botany:  Introduction to botany and plant identification
  • Wilderness First Aid: not part of the 70 hours but required extra (16 hour Wilderness First Aid Certification – taught several times per year at the school) in order to move to the next level of Herbal Medic
  • Clinical Herbalism: Numerous case studies and learning how to perform intake and understand the basics of assessment procedures, as well as the opportunity to participate in the monthly, student-run clinic, and a post-disaster clinical scenario at the end of the course.
  • Formula making:  Introduction to various approaches to formula making as part of the patho-physiology of disease processes
  • Vitalism:  Introduction to vitalistic herbalism as well as analytical herbalism.  Learning to merge the best of both worlds

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