Jan 30

Herbal Dentistry: The Herbal Care of Teeth, Gums and Mouth, Part 1

Not very many herbalists spend a lot of time talking about herbal dentistry.  In other words, using herbs for tooth and gum care.  This is a very important subject however.  At our Austin and San Antonio Herbalism school, we spend some time learning about this subject. However, it is one of those subjects that could be really delved into for many days of class and clinic time.  Part of the problem is that we, as herbalists, don’t get as much clinical herbalism time with issues of the mouth, teeth and gums. Even people who use herbs often know that there are herbal alternatives for tooth and gum care.

I recently posted a new video to youtube about how to make tooth sticks.  This is a short video explaining the basic concepts of the tooth stick, its usage, the medicinal herbs used, my own tooth-powder herbal formula, etc.

 Video:  Making and Using Herbal Tooth Sticks

What are some of the other aspects of herbal gum and tooth care we should consider?

  •  It is very possible that periodontal disease and gum disease (gingivitis) could be related to heart disease.
  • I have seen at least an anecdotal correlation in my own clinical experience as an herbalist and medic, between chronic strep throat and gum or tooth infections
  • There is a lot of evidence suggesting that periodontal and gum disease are related to diabetes.

This blog entry is primarily to introduce the basic concept of tooth care using tooth sticks and some of the herbs that are very useful for this.
In part 2, I will explore some of the other herbal medicine that is available to help with gum abscesses and infections, periodontal disease and gingivitis, canker sores and cuts or abrasions to the mucous membrane inside the mouth.



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