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Austin Herbalists is a blog about herbal medicine and herbal education in Austin, San Antonio and the rest of Central and South Texas.  Central and south Texas have an amazing variety and amount of plant medicine.  The area around San Antonio is a merging of several different ecosystems. The areas around Austin and Central Texas are largely “hill country” which is its own, beautiful ecosystem as well.  Limestone, juniper, oak and a plethora of medicinal plants.  Algerita, prickly ash, inmortal, monarda, salvias, sidas, datura, juniper, oak, acacias, mesquite, mullein, prickly pear and so many other medicinal plants can all be found in abundance in the central Texas area.
There are several herbalism schools in Austin and San Antonio also.  This is a great part of the country to come to if you want to study and learn about plant medicine.

My name is Sam Coffman and I founded and run an herbalism school called “The Human Path.”  Every school is unique, and our uniqueness lies in a number of  points:

  • We are a very pragmatic, hands-on herbalism school.  100 hours of curriculum at our school is 100 hours of pure, streamlined information and experience.  There is no fluff, and although we work with chronic issues we focus a lot on what works in situations that  most people would consider going to an emergency room to treat.
  • Our niche is in remote, post-disaster and wilderness medicine using the art and science of herbalism.  We run a student clinic, post-disaster scenarios and real-world missions to remote areas of the world with our students.
  •   We require (and teach) wilderness first aid certification, and blend that with herbalism in a primitive or remote setting.  For instance, how do you set up a remote clinic in a post-disaster area?
  • We are also a survival school and teach off-grid engineering, hunter-gatherer and sustainable agriculture concepts, along with self-defense, tactics, reconnaissance and urban disaster preparedness.  All of these other skills support the mission of our non-profit, “Herbal Medics” which not only provides remote herbal clinic support but also off-grid engineering solutions to problems like sanitation, water purification, etc.  We also train students who provide sustainable education and solutions in remote or post-disaster settings for food procurement, growing and preservation.  We also have students who work as advance-party to a remote or post-disaster area as the eyes and the ears of an Herbal Medic team.
  • We are very community oriented and grow that community through courses that teach not only skills but also place students in stressful situations so that they learn more about themselves and teammates and become stress-inoculated in order to be better prepared to deal with unknown and variable situations.

As a blog, Austin Herbalists strives to present information that is different than the usual information you might find on other blogs or school sites about herbalism.  Clinical herbalism as well as historical, academic herbalism are both important facets of the Austin Herbalists blog site.  Please subscribe or check back for new posts.


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